What to text after your first date with a millionaire?

There is no denying that modern technology has blurred the boundaries of traditional dating. You and your millionaire go from chatting online turn into offline dating, and you may not know how to get along with him. Nowadays, people are used to chatting and relying on their mobile phones, so you often say that you may be in love with your mobile phone, rather than with a real person. When we got frustrated by the IRL dating world, we turned to online dating. However, online dating is also about being honest about IRL dating. At the end, which makes it look like you’ve come full circle.

Many singles want to know what to text after your first date with a millionaire, but don’t know who should text first. Of course, if you want a second date with a millionaire, listen to our experts.

One of the most frequently asked questions for singles is: who should text first?”During the courtship phase, it’s important to maintain a bit of mystery,” the expert said. Just because someone is a celebrity, an elite single, or even a millionaire, doesn’t mean you have to be very positive.”

Depending on who paid for the first date, the other person should text them later that night or the next morning to thank them for the night before.”Make a good impression and let the other person know that you are not an ungrateful person.

Should you pluck up the courage to ask him out on your first date, and how long should you wait? After a perfect date, you can’t wait to go out with him again. But remember, don’t text immediately after you’re apart. Give each other space to reflect on your last date. It’s best to text at noon the next day, which is even better because you’ve both been resting for the night and it’s best to decide if you want a second date.

Determine when to send a text message, so what should you send? Take a look at the text messages our experts Shared after their first date.

1. Your first date was great. You want to go out with a rich guy for a second time…

The text: “last night’s date was different from what I expected. I’m looking forward to another date.”

Why: “for some people, saying something sarcastic may turn them off, but I think it’s smart if you’re making out and laughing all the time,” the expert said.”If it’s clear that this is a great date, saying something funny and sarcastic will make the other person want more.”

2. The date went well, but you’re not sure…

Text: “thanks again for your great night – it was so much fun! Who knows I like lychee martinis?”

The reason: “ending a question is always key to keeping the conversation going, even if it doesn’t technically require an answer,” The expert says, “try starting the night before and ending with a question so they have to answer. Second date!”

3. If you’re not sure about them, but you’re open to a second chance…

Text: “nice to meet you!Thank you for everything last night.”

The reason: “you leave an open space here.”Experts say, “you’re not begging for another date, you’re letting them decide. If they ask you out again, no problem. If not, that’s fine.

There’s nothing to say here, so don’t think too much about it.”

4. If the date is great, but you just don’t feel it…

Text: “I had a great time last night – thanks again! You’re great, but I don’t feel the romantic spark. I am sure you will agree.”

Why: “it’s a nice thing to say and gives them a chance to save themselves when you think they don’t like you either,” the expert says.”It’s a good way not to hurt someone’s feelings. At the same time, it’s a subtle way of saying that you don’t want to try again, right?

5. If the date goes wrong, you never want to see them again…

Text: don’t send anything.

Why: “if something goes terribly wrong on the first date, there’s something wrong,” the expert warns.”Both parties should be patient, polite and give each other their full attention, regardless of whether there is chemistry. If you’re both unhappy with your date, there’s no need to text him again. What’s in it for you?

In conclusion, no matter what you text after your first date, you have to follow your feeling and decide to text or not for a second date. If you want to know more tips about dating rich men, join now our rich men dating club.